Monday, March 16, 2009

Your First Bass

Who can forget that feeling of catching your first bass! For most of us, this memory from our early childhood, will forever be engraved in our minds. But yet for countless others who were never exposed to outdoors at an early age, this joy may never occur at all. The exhilaration of that first time experience, which for most of us has led to a lifetime angling obsession; was only possible because someone took the time to teach us the age old tradition of bass fishing. There patience and selflessness on that day was a gift that has provided us with a lifetime of angling memories, which we in turn as bass anglers are in a sense now obligated to pass on to others.

For Matt Lee, Bassfury Pro Angler™, the opportunity to pass on his gift came just recently at a bass tournament on Lake Guntersville. Matt invited one of his good buddies, Will Foster, who had never been bass fishing before, to join him in the tournament. Will had an amazing time out on the lake catching his first three bass ever! Together the they ended up 13th out of 51 teams, which is not to shabby at all. But the real prize of this tournament was the experience that was shared by these two friends which over time can be passed on to countless others. Congratulations on your catch Will!!! Something tells me we will soon be seeing a lot more of you out on the water. But most importantly, we'd like to thank you Matt, for passing on your gift and sharing your story with us.

Fish With Fury,

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  1. Great story, a true prize of a day on the water. Passing knowledge and culture throughout the generations is a must for fishings' true sportsmen.