Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bassfury Ladies Fishing Apparel has arrived!

The much anticipated Bassfury Girl fishing apparel line is finally here!! Now that Bass Fishing is no longer a man’s sport, many female bass anglers are giving the men a run for their money. There are more and more lady bass anglers out on the water every day. Many of these amazing anglers have typically borrowed fishing t shirts from their brothers and or husbands that just aren’t really made for a woman. No more hand me downs ladies, we now have our own line of Bass Fishing apparel and here it is… the first of many designs to come of the new Bassfury Girl Fishing Shirts.

Women will also find the Bassfury HPB™ shirts equally stylish as they provide relief from the scorching heat out on the water while bass fishing on those relentless summer days. The Bassfury HPB™ line is specifically designed to wick moisture away from the body keeping bass anglers dry and comfortable during the heat of the battle. But we didn’t forget about those cold mornings just before the tournament starts and the ladies are scrambling for a sweatshirt. You don’t need to grab your husband’s sweatshirt anymore, because we have made one just for you. Our bass fishing sweatshirt does not look anything like your father’s sweatshirt. The Bassfury Girl fishing hooded fleece are definitely feminine by design, but yet, still portray you as a serious “I mean business” female bass angler.

Bassfury Bass Fishing t shirts for ladies look great not only while out on the water when you are fighting that toad, but also, while just hanging out and relaxing in a comfortable pair of jeans. Ladies be sure to show your support, by stopping by and picking up your shirts today at www.bassfury.com. We always welcome any words of encouragement and suggestions that you may have, as we are designing this line around your needs. Also, please be sure to send in your favorite pics of you out on the water wearing your Bassfury Girl gear with your best catch, to info@bassfury.com. We need to start giving these guys a run for their money on the Catch of The Month page by showing them that we mean business, while rewarding ourselves with the “shopping Bargain” of the Catch of The Month prize package.

Looking forward to seeing you out on the water… talk to you soon.

Yani Linares
Co-Founder / Vice President / Lady Bass Angler
Islamorada Sportsman, Inc.
Hawg Slayer™


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