Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bassfury Searching for Pro Team Members

Bassfury is an innovative, global bass fishing brand that is out to change the world of competitive bass fishing as we know it today. We dare to dream out loud and invite you to join us in doing the same!

There are many untold stories out there about incredibly talented bass anglers who are searching for an opportunity to share their 15 minutes with the world. These bass anglers posses a relentless passion for the sport of bass fishing and a tireless dream of someday making it big in this sport. We are searching for bass anglers like these to create a Pro Team and a culture where they can show the world who they truly are and what they do best!

If you are a talented bass angler who dares to dream out loud and you feel like you have a story to tell, then we’d love for you to join our Pro Team! Please send us an email with any information that you’d want us to consider in making our selections to bassfurypro@yahoo.com.

Fish with Fury,

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